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Hair Replacement & Hair Systems
The Front Room offers a wide variety of options for overcoming loss of hair and baldness.

We design each treatment and hair system to meet your particular needs and requirements and are dedicated to finding the most
effective solution for your situation. More importantly, however, we strive to find a solution that you will be comfortable with.
Before      &      After
We have different types of bases, all to fit everyone needs and method of attachment.. Whether you are a "Long Term Wearer" or a
"Daily Wearer". We have the right product for you. The samples below are the types of bases we can provide, if you are looking for
something specific, please inquire within.
Gradual  Replacement Process
Combination front lace
with clips
Front edge lace  with mono
poly edges & mesh center
Mono poly Base with mesh
center & under vented edges
Scalloped cut-away
lace front
Typical building structure of
our quality hairpieces
32788 5 Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48154  
Phone: (734) 525-3161  |  Email:
T O T A L   H A I R   C A R E   S T U D I O
- Private rooms and comfortable and cozy atmosphere
- Referrals given if needed: To see or talk to other clients
- Affordable pricing, We accept all major Credit cards
- Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover
- Overnight if necessary  to supply a new unit